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In order to provide excellent service in the most expedient manner, we have adopted some policies

at Alternative Veterinary Hospital that may seem inconvenient to some, but ultimately provide a peaceful, more informative and productive

experience for our patrons and our patients.  




Our Rainbow Bridge honors the

memory of our pet companions



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Treating The Problem . . . Not Just The Symptom!



We integrate compassionate traditional Western or "allopathic" medicine together with alternative or "holistic" methods of treatment, including the use of veterinary chiropractic, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, Bach Flower Essences, nutritional supplements and counseling.


Alternative Veterinary Hospital is a full-service facility and wellness center for your pets.  At the forefront of alternative medicine, we provide physical diagnostics, veterinary surgery, a complete pet pharmacy including herbal remedies, and a full range of  laboratory diagnostic services. 





East Meet West


Alternative veterinary medicine combines advanced Western Medicine such as veterinary surgery and pharmaceuticals with alternative Eastern Medicine such as Acupuncture, traditional Chinese Medicine, Flower Essences, and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation.


The goal of alternative veterinary medicine is to cure, as well as to prevent disease. 







Is Back Pain Cramping Your Pet’s Style


Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (V.O.M.) is an approach to pain management that is non-surgical.  It is a form of chiropractic therapy performed with an instrument called an "Activator".



Activator applying

vertabral pressure


In re-aligning the subluxations of the spine, vertebra pressure on nerves is released and the pain is relieved.  This therapy can be particularly effective even in cases of paralysis and wobbler syndrome, and other disk bulging and prolapses.




Chinese Herbs For Pets


The ancient practice of Chinese herbal medicine has been proven to work when using certain herbs to treat patterns of disharmony.  Despite the current advent of modern medicine, many parts of the world still continue to use traditional Chinese herbs in combination with modern Western treatment options.  This system is called an “integrative” approach to veterinary health care.  Traditional Chinese herbal medicine can restore your dog’s Yin or balance your cat’s Yang, boost their Qi, or supplement your pet’s deficiencies.















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