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In order to provide excellent service in the most expedient manner, we have adopted some policies

at Alternative Veterinary Hospital that may seem inconvenient to some, but ultimately provide a peaceful, more informative and productive

experience for our patrons and our patients.  




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Welcome To Your Other Family Doctor

Alternative Veterinary Hospital is a medical and surgical veterinary hospital caring for dogs, cats, ferrets, and rats.  We provide general medicine, surgery, boarding, prescription diets, and offer wellness as our focus for companion animals. Dr. Trish Ballard prefers to treat her patients with a marriage of nutritional therapies and pharmaceuticals and place a great deal of emphasis on nutritional counseling. 

We thank you for considering us to care for the health of your

valued family members — your pets!

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Ballard has had extensive education and experience in the use of Chinese herbs and prefers to begin helping patients with chronic issues by conducting a Traditional Chinese Medicine Consult.  This consult is a 45 to 60 minute appointment and is necessary for a complete understanding of the constitution of and issues experienced by the patient.

New clients with TCM appointments must complete the TCM form and bring it with them to their appointment.


Alternative Medicine For Your Pets

Our focus is on wellness for companion animals.  We offer examinations, vaccinations, in-house diagnostic laboratory testing, behavioral counseling, nutritional therapies (including vitamins, minerals, herbs, Chinese herbs, prescription diets, radiology, and surgery. We also offer titer tests in lieu of vaccinations for dogs for distemper and parvo for clients that request them. This practice is not a specialty practice, but we are happy to refer clients to board certified veterinarians in respective specialty fields when the need arises.  We provide orthopedic surgery on a limited basis by Bruce Turner DVM.





Modern Facilities



We offer progressive veterinary medicine in a modern facility with state-of-the-art medical equipment and treatment options.  We stress preventative medicine to protect your pet from potential health problems. 


We also provide pain management options to ensure that your pet will enjoy the best possible quality of life. Alternative Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to helping your four-legged friends maintain a long, healthy and happy life! Lymphoma in dogs can also be a devastating illness that seems hopeless when it occurs. However, there are companies out there developing revolutionary medicine to fight cancer in dogs.


Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

Now available is a non-surgical approach to pain management similar to chiropractic called V.O.M. – Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. The cost for V.O.M. is $25.00 per treatment. It only takes a few moments to perform. The treatment cannot hurt your pet in any way and is performed in a matter of minutes. Giving an adjustment means correcting a spine that is misaligned. Many large dogs are weak in the rear end because the neck is actually out of alignment (Wobbler’s syndrome).  Patients actually enjoy getting an adjustment and many feel better immediately.



Keeping Your Pet Fit

Just like their human counterparts, pets need a fitness regimen to keep them on the path to good health. The first key in any pet fitness regimen is you! The key is to build your exercise routine with your pet into each week. Most experts feel that a thirty-minute routine, four times a week is sufficient for a dog of normal health. Though daily is even better if you have that much time to give. For a cat, fifteen minutes, once a day is sufficient for a cat of normal health. Though again, two fifteen minute sessions a day is optimal for an indoor cat. If you suspect that your pet has any physical limitations, you should consult Dr. Ballard before beginning any exercise routine.

We Treat ALL Your Pets


Rats are becoming increasingly popular as pets. We treat rats for upper respiratory infections, over grown teeth, remove tumors and spay and neuter them. Please bring your rat’s food with the cage for your rat.



Common diseases of rats that we routinely treat are upper respiratory infections, tumors (benign & malignant), food allergies, skin disease, ear infections and over grown teeth.  We routinely perform surgery on rats, including spaying and neutering, tumor removal and abscess lancing.  Rats do not require annual vaccinations. Please bring the normal diet or food with your pet rat and it’s cage and water bottle to your appointment.













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